A Case Study

Key Highlights

Previously, the organization focused primarily on the candidates’ exhibited skills and work history to make placements. However, Chief Financial Officer, L.F. and Human Resources Manager, Don K. discovered, through its long-standing partnership with it’s staffing and recruiting software provider that there were additional opportunities to learn about

“It’s very important to our firm to match the right candidates to our client’s needs. We want both our client and the person we place to be successful and pleased with the result. Previously, we focused entirely on a candidates skills and work history. Now, having insights into their potential behaviors and attitudes has ended another potent arrow to our quiver.”



Founded in the 1960’s, this independent solutions based business provides and delivers quality staffing and managed service solutions to allow its clients to focus on their core business function. The group specializes in recruiting, training and placing measurably better permanent and temporary field associates in contract, administrative, professional, technical and light industrial positions for its clients. Committed to making the right match for both its clients and field associates, the group was seeking to identify opportunities to gain additional


Candidates complete the online attitude, personality and cognitive assessments through an uncomplicated online process and the staffing company is able to gain a deeper awareness of the attitudes and behaviors that contribute to the individuals work styles and cultural preferences.


With added insight to individuals’ skills and behaviors, the staffing group is more confident that the permanent and temporary contract, administrative, professional, technical and light industrial field associates it places with clients are the best fit. “We’ve added a step for our recruiters, but the extra piece of information is raising the bar in terms of confidence. We know a field associate will help the client reach their business goals, and that the individual will succeed in their new position and company.”