Properly screening your employees is critical to the security and success of your business.  Equally important and often even more difficult is finding the right candidates with the skills, knowledge and experience your company needs.   Today, with record low unemployment rates and shortages in many key occupations, it can be nearly impossible to attract the right applicants, when you need them.

Assurance Screening Partners has over 15 years of experience in performing outsourced candidate searches for companies in a variety of industries and for employees with a broad range of disciplines.  Our approach is a multi-step process that typically includes:

  • In depth planning meeting to discuss the critical skills and background needed. This includes a review of the work to be performed, developing a profile of your ideal candidate and benchmarking against other successful candidates you may already have on your team, and comprehensively documenting the responsibilities and expectations for the individual you are seeking to hire.  This meeting is best conducted onsite at the work location, so a thorough review of the environment can also be performed.
  • Targeted and direct sourcing of candidates based on the resources developed in the initial engagement planning meeting. Although we still rely on traditional methods such as online job ads, we often find more desirable results by identifying and contacting “passive” job seekers that may not be active on job boards.  This ensures a solid cross-section of candidates to review and often uncovers your perfect new employee who may not even realize he or she is interested in your company!
  • We narrow down the results so that you are only presented with those candidates who most closely match your skills, knowledge, experience and education requirements. We will then work with you to coordinate an initial and follow up interview, as well as conduct a minimum of 3 reference verifications.  These reference verifications go beyond just verifying dates of employment; we ask probing questions that provide new insights to help you make an informed decision!
  • We facilitate the offer of employment on your behalf, as well as any additional pre-screening requirements such as pre-employment drug or background testing. *
  • Administration of our High-Quality Integrity/Aptitude Assessment, also used by Fortune 500 Companies and Professional Sports Leagues to evaluate new personnel.

Because we are local, we understand your community, the surrounding industries, and the challenges that you face when seeking new employees for your company.  We go the extra mile to meet those challenges head on and find the talent you need to keep growing!  We don’t have the overhead of some of our larger competitors, so our prices are competitive, yet we have access to the same resources.  Since we can tap into a local network of peers and professionals, we gain referrals to candidates that a large, national company cannot compete with.  And we are always recruiting, so our candidate pool is diverse.

All recruiting engagements are handled on a contingency basis, which means that you only pay a placement fee if you hire a candidate we present.  Please contact us today and we would be happy to discuss your specific needs and develop a recruiting plan tailored to you.  We can also work with you on hourly or specialized recruiting engagements for large scale hiring projects – whatever your needs, just ask!

*Background Screening and Drug Testing is performed at an additional cost